Conference Agenda

DAY 1 - MAY 5, 2020
10:00 AM- 13:00 PM The Future Consumer 2025
Next Generation Customers: Who they are and how they’re Buying
People’s behaviour is constantly evolving and what they expect from brands and retailers in the near future is more then just merchandise. This insightful research will highlight the consumer behavior trends and changes and profiles that will disrupt industries and drive growth in 2025

A new era of workforce transformation
The Session will explore the present-day retail envirnoment taking into view the digital capabilities and employee opportunity. The Keynote will discuss how future of work and what retailers need to be doing to be great places to work.

The Visionary 2020: A conversation with CEO
Championing innovative thinking and bold initiatives and transforming the Brand’s culture by comprising new ideas that excite customers and allow the company to thrive in today’s dynamic retail environment. In an intimate fireside chat, Our guest speaker will share their ambitious plan for growth, forging new partnerships with innovative play and new brand launches, and positioning themselves as a leading omnichannel retailer by building company’s digital capabilities, omnichannel operations and online growth together with enhnaced physical play.
Omni-channel Summit will bring together the leaders from the Retail and Ecommerce industry representing the most innovative and fastest growing enterprises in the sector and are revolutionizing the future of business through technology.

Panel - The Merging Of Online and Offline Commerce Models
How Customer Experience and Convenience are Winning Model in Phygital Commerce
With consumers expecting increasingly seamless shopping experiences, who is meeting consumers where they are, instore, online or in-home? Hear from leading CXO’s who are setting the vision and raising the bar by meeting demands in a world of always on-demand.
  • Zero friction customer experience
  • using social media both to sell products and communicate with customers
  • Data-Driven Campaigns - Determining buyer Intent before real purchase
The Big Panel
The Store 2.0 –Where every Customer Counts
Merging the physical, digital and human experience
With etailers offering free delivery, endless choice, very competitive pricing, and painless returns policies - Stores have upped themselves into destinations and made themselves more experential. Hear how leaders in the industry are focusing on making the physical shopping experience more experential to make shopping.
  • How has the the physical store evolved?
  • How can brands and retailers partner together to deliver great omnichannel shopper experiences?
  • Bringing the brand to life - bridging the gap between what the customers sees online and the overall experience created in store
  • How retail businesses are embracing design & visuals with technology for more personalized digitally-enhanced store experience Keeping Loyalty Relevant: Meeting (And Exceeding)
  • How can retailers use their physical spaces as a marketing vehicle for Instagrammable experiences, shoppable real-life environments and multi-sensory experiences to evoke emotion?
  • Disrupting retail CX by putting humans first again.
The Future of Direct To Consumer Brands
DTC and influencer brands on the back of social Media have achieved big success and disrupted every category, from books, entertainment, housewares, clothing, food, financial services, even energy with innovative product, authentic story-tellers and a strong proposition in a very short time .Growing number of manufacturers now sell to consumers directly, cutting out retailers and marketplaces entirely.
  • Engagement vs. Transactions: How brand are finding balance
  • in a competitive retail landscape
  • What your UX to Etail keep the customer at the center
  • Creating a feedback loop with customers
  • How offline brands can learn form and collaborate with digitally native talent (and brands) for fast growth
  • Cross Border Ecommerce - The Future of Ecommerce
The Rise of “me-commerce” Economy
  • How Brands are Revolutionizing in the Sharing Economy
  • Personalization for Seamless Customer Experience
  • Social Commerce Explained
  • The Rise of Recommerce
The VC Outlook for 2020
In 2020’s VC’s are Looking for business models attributes from Brands and Eretailers to distinguish themselves from competitors

Breaking Tradition
How these regional retailers and family retail businesses disrupted there business by adding e-commerce to there business model
DAY 2 - MAY 6, 2020
10:00 AM - 13:00 PM CIS will bring together the Retail and Ecommerce Leaders who are building an agile and adaptive organization, addressing challenges with a nimble and hands on approach to harness new opportunities in commerce in the 21st century
Keynote: From Corporate Giant to Agile Ecosystem – Leveraging Corporate Venturing”
Panel - How Big Companies are transforming for new age – empowered by its People and enabled by technology Innovation at Large - How to build new business models in a corporate. Make, buy or cooperate?
A well-executed partnership can change the game for a corporate with potentially massive results over a long period of time and also for Startups who could gain with faster distribtuion and good exectuion.
The session will look into how Startups and Corporates are forming strategic partnerships, joint ventures, seed investments and other new ways
  • Acquisition as Growth Engine: how large corporations are acquiring competitors and startups;
  • How corporate VCs ,the private equity sector and family offices are creating dealflow.
  • The purpose of accelerators in transforming the business Operationalizing innovation : Ideas at work –challenges and road ahead

The Future of Work
Leading the Culture of Change
The session will discuss how work is changing and how corporate brands are becoming great employers. How can leaders encourage a culture of risk taking and raising the digital IQ of employees. By enabling employees with the right skills and support new ways of working
  • How to leverage the best from in and outside your company to create successful business models that make an impact?”
  • Digital capabilities and employee opportunity
  • The Need for Inclusion: More Women in workplaces

Digital transformation
From omnichannel to data driven unified commerce
  • Shattering the boundaries between channels to deliver on the customer experience promise
  • The digital experiences you need today to guarantee Omni-channel success
  • Shifting tech landscape and impact on consumer buying behaviour and defining the KPI’s that indicate when you’re on the right track
  • How modernising marketing in an organisation can accelerate digital transformation
Tech and Innovation Summit is an oasis of “ What’s New“ and“ what’s next”, in technology for future focused retail brands to bridge“ the gap between now and next” of commerce and will discuss the developments that will change the way we do things, from virtual reality to artificial intelligence.

Paytech:How Payment lanscapes are changing
Mobile wallets - Leading the change
AI personalisation - delivering intelligent customer experiences The evolution of personalised customer experiences with tangible results. In this session, learn how retailers can leverage AI to align their new personalisation strategy to unlocking long-term consumer relationships.

How can Understanding Data better lead to better Customer Loyalty
Today Retailers are collecting vast amount of customer data. This data can be mined productively to anticipate what customers expect and value, improve experiences and to win their loyalty.
  • Anticipating customer attributes and product preferences
  • How customization enhances CX and ultimately, increases brand loyalty
  • The role of data scientist
Delivering on the Last Mile:
How Logistics Influences Purchase Behavior
Retailers are constantly experimenting with different delivery possibilities to getting products to the consumer faster, conveniently and at a lower price. From same-day delivery to store-based options, shoppers who want it now have a broad range of choice. This session will explore the latest innovations in Logisitcs and delivery, and discuss how new technologies can profitably and expeditiously deliver to meet the customer needs. A view on Assortment Intelligence to be able to stock right to sell consumers what they actually buy.

Marketing 2.0 Geotargeting and Why It Matters to Your Business
Augmented Reality
Ecommerce 123 - How to sell easily and Profitably through Digital
  • Marketplace or Web store: Where to start and Why: Understand why some eretailers gain million-dollar sales on major online marketplaces while others prioritize investment in their online stores, with marketplaces a secondary channel.
  • Pop-ups have literally popped up everywhere: Retailers are using them for testing a brick-and-mortar concept, introducing the brand to a new region, trying out new products, or implementing a store-within-a-store.
  • To App or Not to App: Should you go with a Facebook / Instagram page or Build a Website or just build an App
  • Understanding Digital Marketing DO’s and Don’ts.
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